Patients are responsible for payment at the time of services. Receipt of paid billing will be given at the time of visit.

Payments can be made by Cash, Check, Debit, Visa, or Mastercard.

We do not submit insurance or respond to insurance request.

Price Per Session**

1.3 ata*     $150

1.5 ata*     $200

1.75 ata*   $225

2.0 ata*     $250

2.2 ata*     $300

2.4 ata*     $350

*ata (atmosphere absolute pressure) depends on appropriate protocol

**Prices may be subject to change


3, 5, 10, 20 and 40 sessions available

3-5 Sessions

Generally used by those wishing to help give their body a quick boost in health and vitality, precondition their organs before or after surgery, provide a complement for physical therapy, orthopedic/chiropractic manipulation, massage or any other body therapies.

  • Energize your body, giving you a general feeling of strength and well being

  • Quickly reduce on-going inflammation throughout the body

  • Strong protection of the body and all its organs including the brain, liver and heart.

10 Sessions

Typically used for those who have recent injuries like sprains or strains, and also has shown dramatic relief in painful joints or tissue

  • Strong pain-relief and reduction in swelling

  • Help repair acute and recent injuries

20 Sessions

Preferred for those who require major tissue repair that involves enhancing the body’s regenerative capacities

  • Help to mobilize new stem cells

  • Stimulate new collagen and new tissue

  • Help create new blood flow and circulation

40 Sessions (Gold Standard)

Often reserved for those who have very serious or chronic (long-lasting) injuries or conditions or those who are more proactive in their health and want to reduce the chances of having major health challenges or crisis

  • Help the body recover from major health challenges

  • Help fight infections and diseases

  • Help combat aging and degenerative diseases

3, 5, 10 and 20 sessions

discounted $25/Session

40 sessions (Gold Standard)

discounted  $50/Session

** Prices may be subject to change