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Doctor's Appointment

New Patient Procedure

If you would like to focus on general health and wellness, regardless if you struggle with ailments, a prescription is not needed.

A prescription for hyperbaric therapy is required for treatment of any conditon or if you are going to submit to insurance.

*Please contact us regarding if you need a prescription*

For Treatment, all patients will need be seen by your primary care physician or have a virtual visit with our overseeing provider. He/She will determine if Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is right for you and will write an order for you to receive treatment.

Order can be brought in, emailed to

or faxed to 608-394-2913.

All Patients will need to fill out our screening questionnaire to make sure they are fit to enter the chamber by our overseeing provider.  

We will ask you to not wear any lotion, nail polish, perfume, hair product, or make-up. You will be asked to change in to hyperbaric approved scrubs and socks.

New Patient: Welcome
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New Patient: Image
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