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HBOT Chambers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxyhelp Multiperson Chamber

    Large Walk in Design

Wheelchair/Walker Accessible

   4 Seats

1 Bed

   2 TV Screens

Oxyhelp I90

The OxyHelp I90 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber is designed and built to very strict medical and technological specifications. This chamber uses advanced technology that allows O2 Life to create a tailor-made session for their patients. This 36" diameter chamber features a clear glass opening which helps to eliminate claustrophobia.

Fortius 420

Our largest and most versatile chamber.  This chamber boasts a considerable 42" diametric interior. The Fortius420® offers remarkably safe functionality at a wide range of protocols. Tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators.

Reinforced steel construction with handsome powder coated baby blue finish.Manufactured with nontoxic, medical grade components.

This chamber has gurney available for anyone who might need some assistance getting in and out of the chamber.

Safety Matters

Oxyhealth chambers continue to have the industry’s best safety record that extends throughout their product line. Patient safety during treatments is the principal assurance provided.

All chambers are evaluated by experts through a vigorous multi-point inspection and are certified to provide patients with safe and long-lasting functionality. Your safety, health and well-being remain the highest priority.

All Oxyhealth chambers are constructed and assembled in the U.S.A. in accordance to all regulations and codes.

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