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Physiological Benefits of HBOT

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Supporting Studies

-Oxygen-induce mitochondrial biogensis

-Hyperbaric oxygen significantly increases ATP & energy production in muscle tissue

-HBOT helps improve energy levels (ATP) and cognitive recover following brain injury

-Hyperbaric oxygen helps with chronic fatigue sufferers

Supporting Studies:

- 800% increase in stem cell mobilization by hyperbaric oxygen

-Hyperbaric oxygen initiates angiogenesis for chronic wound recovery (the simple mathmatics is: HBOT=more oxygen consumption in wound=more new blood vessels formed=more recovery!)

-HBOT increases angiogenesis and neurogenesis, improving outcome following TBI

-Hyperbaric oxygen stimulates the bone marrow release to stem cells into circulation for wound healing

-Hyperbaric oxygen induces vasculogenesis for wound healing

-HBOT as a safe and clinical tool to increase both angiogenesis and vasculogenesis with minimal to no side effects

-New brain tissue growth occurs from long course of hyperbaric oxygen

-HBOT stimulates colonic stem cells to promote healing in ulcerative colitits

-Hyperbaric oxygen shown to increase bone healing through stem cell effect

-Following muscle injury, HBOT promotes muscle regeneration and accelerates both healing and functional recovery

-Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy stimulates liver regeneration

-Hyperbaric Oxygen Improves Ovarian Transplantation

-Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy's role in Stem Cell transplantation for type 1 Diabetes

-Hyperbaric Oxygen improves growth factors following tissue transplantation

-Hyperbaric Oxygen promotes Neurogenesis

-Hyperbaric Oxygen promotes new brain cells for stroke victims

Supporting Studies:

-Anti-inflammatory effects of HBOT for reducing colon cancer risk

-HBOT significantly reduces arthrosclerosis through its anti-inflammatory effects

-HBOT reduces inflammation in the brain and protects against the damages caused by brain injuries

-Anti-inflammatory effects of Hyperbaric oxygen help with Crohn's disease

-HBOT reduces swelling and promotes tissue healing in sports injuries

-HBOT reduces inflammation in the brain, improving outcome following TBI

-2-4 days of HBOT reduce inflammatory markers in the brain

Supporting Studies:

-Opioid Receptors shown to be part of Hyperbaric oxygen's pain-relieving effects

-Hyperbaric Therapy reduces pain following nerve injury

-5 HBOT sessions produced a prolonged reversal effect on on-going inflammatory pain

-10 HBOT sessions were successful in producing a quick and long-lasting relief in pain

-4 HBOT sessions at very high dosages were able to produce both immediate and long-lasting pain relief

-Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces pain and inflammatory markers

-Potential use of HBOT for pain-relief when NSAIDS are contraindicated

Supporting Study:

- Patient with chronic Lyme Disease successfully treated with hyperbaric therapy

Supporting Studies:

-HBOT Enhances Antioxidant Status Promoting Healthy Aging

-HBOT's ability to reduce liver damage is clearly associated with causing greater antioxidant protection

-Protective role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy from liver damage

-HBOT's potential protective role in Alzheimers Disease

-2-4 days of repetitive HBOT helps protect the brain

-Preconditioning the brain every other day with HBOT caused a 50% reduction in brain damage following stroke

-Preconditioning the brain with 5 HBOT sessions for preventing cognitive decline after surgery

-Precondition the brain with HBOT before traveling to high altitude locations

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