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So very honored to be able to help people, check out this recent review from Todd! 10 Day
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Dorothy R.

I have been experiencing extreme body weakness for years. I have had many tests and doctors over the years to find the cause. What do you do when you find I was in normal range for all blood tests, xrays, heart, lung, muscle tests and more???

I have done all my Doctor prescribed without it helping me. I love my doctor and she has tried very hard to help me with No success.

I am getting Holistic Health treatments and supplements. I would get a little stronger but then I would get very weak again!

When I started O2OxygenHyperbarics- I was so weak, I couldn’t talk much above a whisper, weakness walking with a walker, couldn’t sit up only a few minutes, had hot flashes, dizziness and couldn’t stand long enough to make coffee, I had to sit or fall down. For the last 7-8 months I have sat semi reclined. I have had trouble eating and feeding myself, showering and dressing. Too weak to leave the house. Unable to talk with family and friends for more than 2-3 minutes. Pretty isolated!!! I now have my life back! I highly recommend this treatment!

Yesterday was my last Hyperbaric treatment. Today has been FANTASTIC!!! Got up made coffee and breakfast, did Bible study. Then colored my hair Standing Up. For the last two years I had to do it sitting down or have someone come in and do it for me. I walk all around my home with No walker, got a shower with No help and made my lunch.

After having my treatments, I am now more independent! My husband has had to do nearly everything for me these last months. NOW I make my own meals and He HAS GONE FISHING!!!

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